Dare to Dream

Ottawa is at a critical point, facing crises of housing, policing, and identity, along with a transit system that has significantly deteriorated under the current council. Our city needs effective, decisive, and responsible leadership in city council to ensure a bright future for every resident. We need leaders who are willing to work together and take bold action.

As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a rare opportunity to transform our city into one that works for everyone, everywhere. We should not squander it, by dragging our feet with inaction or forcing unwilling Ottavians back into downtown offices to preserve the status quo. We should seize it, and build communities that work for all lifestyles, all residents.

Brandon Bay is a candidate for Mayor of Ottawa, aiming to be that bold leadership, to work together with council and all of Ottawa to seize this incredible opportunity.

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Market Ottawa to itself and the world

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Working Together

Between now and election day, October 24th, I am making myself available around the city and on everyone's favourite media - wherever you are, I will be there. I will be meeting Ottawa citizens - newspaper pun intended - at your doors, at events, on the street, on the phone, and on the web. too. Find me attending our festivals, paddling our waterways, or hiking Greenbelt trails with my wife and my dog. I will be listening to everyone with something to say, to ensure that my goals are your goals, and I intend to continue listening even once this campaign ends. Reach out, however you prefer, and let's make a plan to take our city forward.

Never Boring

Ottawa's reputation precedes it, but "boring" is truly an unfair assessment of our city.

This is a place of lively festivals, vibrant entertainment, and thriving communities, in addition to the quiet, peaceful neighbourhoods and tranquil outdoor recreation that we take pride in. We know how to relax as well as we know how to have fun. But, true to Ottavian form, we're often subtle and humble about it.

Our capital city should be admired for its beauty, its peacefulness, its vibrant culture, and its diversity - all the qualities that Canadians proudly hold to be our national identity should be embodied here. As mayor, I will protect and amplify everything that makes Ottawa great, and then shout it from the world's rooftops so that you don't ever have to.