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      Thank you for your interest in helping the campaign! Please review the available positions below. If you are interested in any position, or if you have other ideas on how you can help, reach out to the campaign team. You can contact us through any of the channels linked at the bottom of the page, or have a look at the events calendar.

      Current Opportunities

      Campaign Ambassador

      This is the traditional campaign job — the door knockers, the lawn sign installers, the collateral distributors, the supporter recruiters, and the election day motivators. Campaign Ambassadors do the leg work to ensure this campaign is well-promoted, citizens have their voices heard, and supporters get out to vote.

      A good campaign ambassador needs only to communicate clearly and politely, remain organized, and enjoy meeting new people. If this is you, and you support Brandon's ideas, please reach out!

      Content Creator

      Like making memes, picking the perfect Instagram filter, or filming Tiktoks? Help us keep social engagement high by making campaign content!

      Event Volunteer

      We need all sorts of event day volunteers — cooks at BBQs, game-players on Twitch, donation collectors, question curators for online fora, and more. If you want to be regularly involved, but don't want to knock on doors or hand out flyers, this is the role for you!