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Mayoral candidate Brandon Bay pitches Ottawa voters

Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco - October 19, 2022

The 34-year-old said he wanted to get into the race after seeing the first wave of candidates enter without anyone from his generation representing the interests of younger demographics.

Affordability: Ottawa mayoral candidates speak about housing and homelessness

Lindquist, Adwan, Wilson, Baldin, & Maystruk - October 16, 2022

“What the city, and even by extension the province, can do is incentivize the younger generation to get into fields like [construction and developing by] increasing wages and/or increasing the marketing campaigns towards high school and college students to pursue these careers,” Bay said.

Transit: Ottawa mayoral candidates speak about sustainable transportation

Lindquist, Adwan, Wilson, Baldin, & Maystruk - October 16, 2022

Brandon Bay said he’d prioritize building “complete communities” that reduce the need for gas-powered vehicles. When people have everything they need around them, he said, they’re less likely to go out and drive.

Public safety: Ottawa mayoral candidates speak about crime and emergency services

Lindquist, Adwan, Wilson, Baldin, & Maystruk - October 16, 2022

[Bay] added it’s important to address the fact that numerous police officers are retiring and there aren’t enough prospective recruits to replace them due to people not wanting to deal with low pay and burnout.

Créer du bruit pour les enjeux des jeunes

Jean-François Dugas - October 15, 2022 (French)

L’homme de 34 ans, un professionnel qui développe des logiciels, a une passion pour l’engagement civique depuis son jeune âge. Il s’implique au sein de plusieurs associations d’Ottawa et a même fondé un organisme de charité pour « canaliser son énergie philanthrope ».

Five mayoral candidates take centre stage in final eco-debate

Mark Ramzy - October 15, 2022

Bay said he would lead by building housing sustainably and electrifying transportation. To accomplish this, he said the City of Ottawa must take advantage of external funding opportunities such as the Canada Green Buildings Strategy, a federal building program intended to mobilize national action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Mayoral candidates: Bay — Let's make Ottawa the absolute best it can be

Brandon Bay - October 14, 2022

My vision for Ottawa is as an affordable and vibrant home, as the best place in the country to start a business, and as a world-renowned capital city.

Ottawa mayoral hopefuls still in running for city's top job

Leah Larocque - October 13, 2022

“A lot of millennials are invested in municipal politics for the first time, mainly about affordability of housing and how much it is impacting their lives,” says Bay.

Here's what Ottawa voters say the next mayor should focus on, regardless of who wins

Ted Raymond - October 12, 2022

Mayoral candidate Brandon Bay’s housing plan includes building 160,000 units by 2023 and allowing construction of duplexes, triplexes, and townhomes city-wide. He says he would also require construction of affordable housing in all major developments and stop building strip malls immediately.

Mayoralty Candidate Brandon Bay “I am strongly in favour of a Bank Street O-Train”

Clinton Desveaux - October 12, 2022

In an exclusive interview today, Ottawa Mayoralty candidate Brandon Bay says “I am strongly in favour of a Bank St O-Train.”

Meet your candidates for mayor

CBC News - October 11, 2022

Four years from now, I hope to see Ottawa respected. Ottawa will be a national example, as a vibrant city full of complete communities, leading the country in technology, sustainability, and equity.

Debates, music and sprawl, this election week had it all

Robert Hiltz - September 30, 2022

Software developer Brandon Bay said he would scrap R1 city zoning, meaning single-family houses could be replaced with duplexes, not larger buildings as other candidates suggested.

Mayoral candidate proposes $9-an-hour parking in downtown Ottawa

Josh Pringle - September 29, 2022

"We already have an effective tax on vehicles coming downtown and that is paid public parking, and that is at the heart of my transit plan – to increase those fees to discourage driving and to use that money to help maintain roads better and pay for transit."

Five-candidate mayoral debate on the environment sees lively clash of policy ideas

Taylor Blewett - September 29, 2022

Brandon Bay, a software developer, fired up the crowd with an impassioned defence of the need to wipe out single-family zoning, a key part of his platform, and what that could mean, such as allowing duplexes where only a single detached home can be built now.

Municipal Panel - Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan

Robyn Bresnahan - September 29, 2022

Brandon Bay has an impressive handle on a lot of city issues and a number of subjects. [...] He's there to press the issues.

Mairie d'Ottawa: des candidats débattent d'environnement

Ani-Rose Deschatelets - September 28, 2022 (French)

« Nous avons déjà une taxe efficace pour les véhicules se rendant au centre-ville, à savoir le stationnement public payant. Et c'est là le cœur de mon plan de transport en commun, qui consiste à augmenter ces frais, à décourager la conduite automobile et à utiliser cet argent pour mieux entretenir les routes et financer le transport en commun. »

Meet the candidates for mayor of Ottawa

Josh Pringle - September 26, 2022

CTV News Ottawa invited all registered candidates to answer a questionnaire and submit a video introducing themselves to voters.

Mayoral candidates respond

John Chenier - September 19, 2022

"The priorities of Bay and McKenney were attacking the major problems they identified. For Bay, these were housing affordability, city planning and improving public image."

Mayoral candidates propose transit fixes

Alayne McGregor - September 15, 2022

"Brandon Bay supported building a light-rail transit loop between Gatineau and Ottawa, and running a rapid transit line to Lansdowne Park. He also called for funding reliable, fare-free transit with parking revenues and in-station retail."

McKenney promises to end chronic homelessness in next term

Joanne Chianello - September 14, 2022

"[Brandon] also wants to see more clear definitions of what counts as affordable, pointing to a recent proposal to add more housing to Lansdowne, which he says are too expensive for many people looking for housing. Bay is also interested in looking at moratorium on development charges for multi-unit housing, at least for a short time, to increase the supply of units and decrease the price."

Ottawa mayoral candidates attend environmental debate

Shaun Vardon - August 31, 2022

"There is an appetite for change in the community right now. Some of the questions we got from the audience definitely seemed to suggest that."

The deadline has passed to register for this fall's municipal election. Here are your choices for the next mayor of Ottawa

Joanne Laucius - August 20, 2022

Software developer Brandon Bay manages the software development team at Welbi, which builds software for retirement communities. He grew up near Bancroft, attended the University of Ottawa and is an active volunteer.

Mayoral candidates speak out: on working with City Council and the Strong Mayors bill

Alayne McGregor - August 18, 2022

"Working together leads to the best decisions, just not always fast ones. In a crisis situation, having emergency act type powers available may be appropriate, but even then it would be best to empower the council or a committee of it, instead of a single elected official."

Here's what Ottawa's mayoral candidates are saying about Ontario's 'strong mayor' legislation

Ted Raymond - August 11, 2022

"The province’s stated goals with these changes, building housing and moving faster, are good, and are central to my platform. However, giving too much power to one office undermines council, voters, and democracy. There is a huge potential for corruption in these changes."

Raised in Bancroft, Brandon Bay running for mayor of Ottawa

Michael Riley - July 26, 2022

"Ottawa’s new official plan sets a lot of good priorities but it is in absolutely nothing of a hurry. The timelines set out build a great Ottawa for the next generation, but they do very little for this one, which has felt at best neglected by government for our entire adult lives."

Bob Chiarelli files nomination papers as Ottawa municipal election campaign begins

Katie Griffin - May 2, 2022

Brandon Bay, who is running for mayor, says housing is a key issue. "Top of mind I think for a lot of residents and for me as well is the price of housing right now," he said.

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Centretown Mayoral Eco-Debate

Rogers TV - September 28, 2022

Reddit AMA

Brandon Bay - September 20, 2022

My background in software also makes me particularly qualified to identify the places where we can leverage technology to improve service offerings and transparency, and use data to drive better decisions in the city.

Mayoralty Candidate Eco-Debate : Orleans

Rogers TV - September 7, 2022

Barrhaven 2022 Ottawa Mayoral Debate

People's Official Plan - August 16, 2022

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